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Owner’s Bibliography

President & CEO, Mr. Naprawa has a passion for business and sales. Therefore, when he learned about Sunbelt in 2005, it was the perfect fit. Since 1978, he has founded or co-founded nine businesses locally and internationally. Extensive entrepreneurial experience has resulted in valuable skills in starting up a company, dealing with international relations, finances, and project management. Mr. Naprawa earned his security license in 1994 and thereafter worked with many publicly traded companies, acquiring the knowledge and experience that is needed to take large private companies to the public arena either by acquisition or by direct listing. Mr. Naprawa presently holds two degrees, one in Business, the other in Education. He also holds his Real Estate Broker’s License, Managing Brokers License and has obtained the Certified Business Intermediary (CBI) designation through the International Business Brokers Association (IBBA) University. Mr. Naprawa has the energy, the vision, the experience, and the education to provide quality business brokerage services to all clients, local and global.

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