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New Opportunity: Passive Food Production Business On Vancouver Island

July 12, 2012


BCBusinessBrokers has an exciting, new business opportunity–“Passive Food Production Business” (VANISBC001-N135).

Traditionally grown in the purest of Japanese streams, authentic wasabi (Wasabia Japonica) has been notoriously difficult to grow in any other environment. Following decades of research and development, the patent pending proprietary process of growing semi-aquatic wasabi in a greenhouse environment has been perfected. With four sites successfully operating for six (6) years, the company is expanding its commercial production. Limited opportunities are now available on Vancouver Island. This is a passive business opportunity with strong expansion potential.  Full time site management will ensure that greenhouse construction and crops are monitored, managed and cared for. A Grower’s Unit includes a license to purchase wasabi plantlets; guaranteed sales; and three (3) fully-erected greenhouses (20,000 sq ft) ready for planting. Demand for high-grade wasabi greatly exceeds supply in the culinary market worldwide; fresh wasabi is sold out weekly. New orders cannot be filled. The limited supply has been further affected by elevated radiation levels in the wake of Japan’s 2011 earthquake and nuclear fallout. Merely replacing the culinary production lost in Japan represents an enormous market demand. Customer requests far exceed what this site can produce based on wholesale prices to culinary markets only. There is also an increasing demand for wasabi in the multi-billion dollar anti-aging and biomedical industries. Research validates compounds found in wasabi which are known to be effective in treating stomach cancer, just one of wasabi’s many applications and upsides. Being involved in commercial wasabi production on Vancouver Island is a sound and lucrative business opportunity. With only one commercial wasabi operation in North America and an unpenetrated global demand, this is the ideal time to secure your position as a Grower.

For more information on this business or to learn about other opportunities, contact Michael Naprawa at 250-751-7917 or visit our website at

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