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Business Succession Planning

June 6, 2012

How to Maximize the Value of Your Business For Retirement

The biggest challenge facing “baby boomer” business owners is one that many haven’t even thought about yet: Retirement.

Business owners invest a lot of time, effort and money into making their business a success, knowing that it represents one of their largest assets. For many business owners without a pension, the majority of retirement savings come from the eventual sale of their business. “What’s the best way to prepare for your company’s sale? How do you maximize its’ value and avoid costly mistakes? Are there tax saving strategies you could employ to help save thousands for your retirement? These are the questions that you need expert answers to” says Michael Naprawa, President of a Sunbelt Business Brokers in Nanaimo.

Unfortunately, many successful businesses are not prepared and do not have a planned successor who is prepared to purchase and take over the operations. Sunbelt draws upon their global network of qualified and interested entrepreneurs to ensure you get what you deserve for your many years of hard work. Sunbelt specializes in selling privately owned businesses exclusively. They are experts in analyzing the value in business before putting them on the market, developing a sophisticated and professional marketing profile and finding qualified buyers with the right skills and experience to take over a business. Sunbelt can provide business owners with advice that can make a significant difference in the final value of their business.

What makes Sunbelt truly unique in the marketplace is they work in complete confidentiality: employees, suppliers, customers, bankers and landlords will never know the business is for sale. Some business owners try to sell their company in the same way they would sell a house: publicly. The negative impact of public advertisement of a business can be significant to the value of a business. Once the news gets out, you could lose long-time employees, clients and suppliers—all of which will significantly bring down the company’s market value and ultimately, your retirement funds.

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