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Selling Your Business?

May 16, 2012

Any business owner who has sold a business on his or her own will tell you it’s a long, tedious and stressful process.  It consumes time and distracts you from daily operations. When your focus should be on maintaining the value of your business, much of your time is directed to the sale process. That’s where an experienced Business Broker can pay huge dividends. Even after commission, owners that use Business Brokers sell their business for better value than those who don’t.  Here’s 7 ways how a business broker’s expertise pays ($) off:


  • Valuing Your Business—Putting a value on a business is far more difficult and complex than valuing a house.  Each business has hundreds of variables that have an impact on the value.
  • Reaching Potential Buyers—Business Brokers have the tools and resources to reach the largest possible base of buyers who are then screened for their suitability. Experienced Brokers even have an existing database of Buyers looking to acquire.
  • Marketing—a Business Broker can present your company in the best light to maximize the sale price. They can also identify changes that can lead to a better selling price.
  • Confidentiality—a Business Broker will protect the company’s identity and only qualified buyers will receive detailed information.
  • Business Continuity—the Owner can maintain focus on business operations while the Broker is working on the sale.
  • Closing a Deal—Business Brokers lower the risk of employee problems, customer defection and predatory competition.
  • Balance of Experience—Most corporate buyers have acquired multiple businesses while business owners usually have only one sale. Experienced business brokers can level the playing field for a business owner making his one and only business sale.


Utilizing the services of an experienced, professional business broker allows the owner to focus on running the business reducing the risk of business erosion during the sale process.  A sale facilitated by a business broker helps maximize sales proceeds by involving a large universe of buyers in a confidential, competitive bidding process. If you’re thinking of selling, contact Sunbelt at 1-877-289-0969—we can help. Or visit our websites,,


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