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2010 Highlights of Small Business in British Columbia

October 20, 2010

Published October 2010

BC – The government has released SMALL BUSINESS PROFILE 2010, a 36 page report that profiles small business growth and development in the province. Here are the key highlights.

Small businesses account for 98 per cent of all business in the province, with approximately 395,900 small businesses operating in British Columbia in 2009. Of those more than half (56 per cent) were self-employed and the rest (42 per cent) had fewer than 50 employees.

Only Saskatchewan, which has 89.5 small businesses per 1000 people, has a greater number of small businesses per capita. This puts BC, which has 88.9 small businesses per capita, well ahead of most other provinces (the national average of 72.0).

How does this translate into economic value? Small businesses provide enormous support for employment and also contribute to the province’s gross domestic product (GDP).

Small businesses in the province account for 57 per cent of private sector jobs, the highest rate nationwide, and employed 1,045,400 people in 2009. On top of this are 443,800 self-employed worker, who tend to be older, are more likely to work longer hours than employees working for others and are also more likely to be male.

In terms of production, small businesses in the province accounted for roughly 32 per cent of BC’s gross domestic product in 2009 and 41 per cent of the total value of goods exported from the province in 2008.

Read the report SMALL BUSINESS PROFILE 2010 to learn more about the state of small business in British Columbia.


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