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Sunbelt Business Brokers Earning Reputation

June 10, 2010

NANAIMO – Sunbelt Business Brokers is one of only three business brokerage companies in British Columbia.  Business brokers is an entirely different enterprise from real estate, explains Michael Naprawa, president of Sunbelt Business Brokers BC (West Coast) Inc.

“Residential real estate is like baseball,” he says.  “Commercial real estate is like football.  Business brokerage is like soccer – three different games and they take three different skill sets.”

Sunbelt originated in the south-eastern United States 29 years ago and was bought by a European company that specializes in franchises in 2006.  Sunbelt Business Brokers assists people who buy and sell franchises as well as private businesses.

Although originally Sunbelt focused on those valued at under $1 Million it now also covers mid market businesses from $2 – $10 Million as well as the mergers and acquisitions market, which includes businesses valued at over $10 Million.

Naprawa opened the Nanaimo franchise 18 months ago.  His territory strtches from the Malahat on Vancouver Island, over to Powell River and up the coast to the Yukon.  He uses one work to describe how business has been going in the pass year-and-a-half – “insane.”

He notes that his ambition is to open two more offices – in Prince George and in Kamloops.  What has impeded him, so far, he says, is finding the right people to run those offices.  He has been looking for a year.

“Because this industry is so unique, to find the calibre of broker to do what we do is not that easy,” he says.

Business brokerage takes great dedication and commitment, he adds, but for the next 20 years, anyone who makes the commitment will do very well.  Baby boomers are retiring and selling their businesses while younger people are re ady to start out on their own.

Historically lawyers, accountants, and some real estate brokers have undertaken the buying and selling of businesses.  Sunbelt, however, is the only qualified business brokerage firm in the province – and it’s heading into a time of unprecedented growth.


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