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For Sale By Owner?

May 18, 2010

You’ve made the decision.  You want to sell your business.  Perhaps you are seeking a change in career or you’ve done your time and the golfing greens are calling your name. For whatever the reason, your business is up for a transfer in ownership and you hope to find the right buyer who will recognize the value of your business. Where do you start?  With the advent of several online marketplaces, sites where you can reach a large number of buyers, do you need the assistance of an expert or can you do it yourself? Professional Business Brokers, also called business transfer agents or intermediaries, assist business owners to sell their businesses by matching screened buyers and streamlining the selling process. Sounds easy?  Perhaps, if you have the time and the skill.  But, consider what an effective business broker does:

  • Values the business utilizing multiple methodologies, providing the most probable selling price for the current market
  • Presents to prospective buyers the true value of the business  through “normalization” of financials
  • Assists with “presale” preparations, helping owners best position their business for sale
  • Markets the business using newspaper & internet advertising, internal buyer lists, targeted solicitations and web advertising
  • Adds a layer of confidentiality by advertising the business for sale without disclosing its identity
  • Screens and qualifies buyers and/or strategic partners, creatively structuring the deal
  • Helps keep a complex process legal—business brokers have contracts such as  Letters of Intent, NDAs (Non Disclosure Agreements) and can often reduce the owners’ legal fees
  • Manages the progress of “due diligence” investigation with lawyers and accountants, pivotal to a successful closing
  • Negotiates with buyers and closes the deal

Sunbelt provides outstanding resources, expertise and people who are dedicated to the success of its clients. You are welcome to visit or our local website, or call 250-751-7917 to learn more about what our business brokers can do for you.

BC Business Brokers

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